alloy wheel repair 


Love getting your car washed but hate it when your newly cleaned wheels reveal the scratches and scuff marks caused by kerb scrapes? There's nothing more annoying than looking back at your car in the carpark and noticing the 'gutter rash'.

Repairing alloy wheels, in our Zetland carwash centre, can take as little as 45 minutes per wheel. No need for expensive wheel replacement, or the inconvenience of leaving the car for days, as new techniques allow us to repair almost all types of alloy wheel on the spot. 

Alloy wheel repair in Sydney by Fineshine

"Undamaged alloys can have a huge effect on a used car's price, as many used-car shoppers are willing to pay more for a vehicle that looks newer" Autotrader

Repair Process

The repair process starts by inspecting the damage and determining whether or not your rim can be repaired. For an alloy rim, damage on the face is generally repairable. Our qualified staff will inspect your rims for any micro cracks and will then advise you on the best form of repair.

What we repair:

Curb Damage
Bent Wheels
Cracked Wheels

To guarantee you get the best level of service, please call us in advance